Crystal cleanliness of the endoscope

The disinfecting unit “Nerpa” is a high level disinfection, which allows to complete full technological cycle of the preparation of endoscopic equipment contaminated with viruses, incl. HIV, hepatitis B (HBV) and HCV, as these pathogens of diseases are inactivated by common chemical bactericides.

Endoscope treatment remains one of the most complex and researched issues in different countries of the world. It occurs due to complexity of the design, its sensitivity to external influences and need for effective treatment in a short time. However, the use of modern approaches of endoscopic equipment treatment at the Nerpa device, ensures patients’ safety during endoscopic procedures, saves expensive equipment and significantly reduces processing time.

Device-installation for the primary cleaning toolkit

Primary surgical cleaning of medical instruments, including endoscopes, after surgical and manipulative procedures by usage of running water from a shower system with metered addition of disinfectant solutions.


  • main dimensions, – 90x80x52 sm;
  • depth of the anatomical bath, – 25 sm;
  • height of the holder for accessories, – 165 sm;

The device-installation may be equipped with additional accessories (recycling container, cleaning filter).

Device-installation for disinfection of endoscopic equipment

Automated pretreatment cleaning and disinfection (including high level) of endoscopes and endoscopic equipment.


  • number of endoscope treatments at one time, pcs. – 2;
  • treatment time in a circulating mode, min. – up to 30;
  • volume of “Endosan ES” solution used, l. – 5 – 5.5;
  • power 220V, 50Hz, W – not more than 50;
  • main dimensions, – 92х78х48 sm.

Ward for aseptic storage of endoscopic equipment

Aseptic storage of disinfected or sterilized flexible endoscopic equipment.
Support for internal volume sterilization is ensured by circulation of air through a halogen disinfectant.


  • power, W – 45;
  • source of lighting – lamp bactericidal TUV30;
  • lamp expiration date, hours – 8000;
  • number of lamps, pc. – 1;
  • main dimensions, – 200х51х56 sm.

Warranty (1 year) and post-warranty service are provided. In few regions of Ukraine technical maintenance is provided by the enterprises “Medtechnika”. Terms of warranty service abroad is discussed in the contract at the time of purchase.