High quality disinfectant “Endosan-es”

“Endosan-ES” is used for:

  • • Disinfection, combined disinfection and sterilization cleaning, high-level disinfection;
  • • medical devices made of thermostable and thermolabs materials (metals, plastics, rubber, glass), including flexible and rigid endoscopes and instruments for them, saliva-suction systems, removable parts of the anesthetic respiratory equipment, etc .;
  • • Medical instruments made of various materials, such as surgical (also microsurgical), ophthalmologic, dental (including endodontic, with rotating elements) instruments;
  • • medical products, tools, equipment and materials for veterinary medicine;
  • • dental clinics for hand washing and tool cleaning;
  • • dental impressions (made from alginate, silicone, polyester resin), dental workpieces, articulators;
  • • laboratory utensils;
  • • schools, pre-school educational institutions (including kindergartens), higher educational establishments
  • • institutions, health care institutions, medical institutions and other similar establishments;
  • • common eating places (cafes, bars, restaurants);
  • • transport (rail, air, water transport);
  • • hairdressing, cosmetic, manicure, pedicure instruments.


  • • high efficiency of the product as a synergy result of active substances;
  • • safe use for personnel;
  • • significantly lower cost comparing with the analogues.