Jetstream furnace


This device is an aggregate for convenient, quick, safe utilization and disinfection of materials after deactivation of industrial facilities and disinfection of waste in medical institutions. The operation of such device installation does not require special conditions and the presence of additional energy sources (electricity, compressed air, etc.).
The principle of this device is based on the powerful thermal effect of products of high temperature catalytic pyrolysis on the waste. In this case, they are thermally de-structured and converted into safe gaseous combustion products and an ash non-toxic solid powders residue. There occurs effective decontamination of the waste into a safe state due to the process of pyrolysis and the action of high temperature and oxygen.


  • device installation does not require connection to external power sources;
  • short deployment time and quick access to the mode (5-10 min.);
  • high reliability and simplicity of use,
  • the design provides long-term non-repair operation;
  • the possibility of using the heat for the room heating in the winter.

Technical Specifications:

  • temperature of the process 400 – 1000 ° С;
  • time of continuous operation with one-time loading 2-3 hours .;
  • Productivity 25 kg / h.

The installation is structurally simple and reliable in operation, does not require highly qualified personnel for its maintenance.

Raw materials.
The stove can work on many types of raw materials: firewood, chips, sawdust, cardboard, chipboard, pellets, plastic containers, automobile tires, waste oils, substandard fuel oils, etc.


  • compact combustion chamber;
  • use of gravity in work;
  • effective implementation of the process of heat transfer;
  • variety of fuel;
  • low emission temperature – no need to intensify the isolation of the chimney;
  • relative purity of the release.